Hospitality Management and Legal Programs in Europe

Tourism Programs

With the blossoming tourism trade in Europe, there is always demand for trained and certified individuals in travel related businesses. Many tourism companies offer premium career opportunities to individuals with gradate or post graduate degrees in this stream. Here are some renowned program names:

· A bachelor degree in tourism management is offered by Breda University which is a full course program spanning four years

· La Rochelle Business School in France is another known campus for opting for a bachelor degree in tourism management

· Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in Ireland also offers a recognized program in tourism management

Turkey is emerging as an important tourist destination in Europe and many institutes are offering tourism courses such as School of Applied Technology and Management, School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Adnan Menderes University and Bilkent University

These are some of the recognized programs in Europe. However, most of the hospitality courses in any campus in Europe offer travel and tourism specializations as well. For those who take up travel related courses, they can look forward to varied careers in the tourism industry. Turkey, in particular, has a blooming industry of travel agencies that offer varied positions and diverse roles in their companies.

Bilkent University

Hotel Management Programs

If you are looking for hotel management courses in Europe and wish to find the renowned institutions, you will have to head to the snow capped regions of Switzerland. This country is known to house some of the best schools and courses in the hospitality industry. The certificate and degree courses that are offered by this country are recognized and reputed in Europe and other countries as well. Notable are the following:

· Glion Institute of Higher Education

· Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

· IHTTI Neuchatel School of Hotel Management of the Swiss Education Group

· Hotel Institute Montreux

· SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School

There are other reputed schools in Europe that are well known for the hospitality management courses they offer:

· MODUL university in Vienna, Austria is known to offer a BBA in hospitality and tourism management as well as post graduate courses

· Sweden has low cost courses and many which exempt students from tuition fees with attractive sponsorship programs. The Dalarna University is known to offer a graduate science degree in international tourism management with international training and placement assistance. Lund and Umea Universities offer master programs as well.

While these are well known courses in Europe for those seeking a career in hospitality management, many institutes and universities in every country in Europe offers a wide choice of programs in this career stream. Thus, students can save on costs by studying for such a subject in their own country or region.

Legal Advisor Programs

When you are looking for a career as a legal advisor, there are several kinds of programs you can opt for. In Europe, usually an LLM degree is opted for when one is looking for a career in the legal stream. It is considered a post graduate masters program in law. This is done when one has undergone an undergraduate program in law or any subject associated with legal knowledge. You could be seeking an LLM in European law which would encompass different specialized streams such as constitutional law, employment law, immigration law, competition law, human rights law and environmental law. Here are some popular options in European law:

· The Duisenberg School of Finance in Amsterdam offers an LLM Finance and law course that is esteemed and highly sought after by those who wish to augment their career in corporate finance and international business.

· The University of Portugal also offers an LLM degree in European law

· The Lund University in Sweden is renowned for the masters program it offers in European Business law

There are several campuses in Netherlands which offer different programs centered around European law.

Social studies in Turkey about Europe and Mediterranean

Kiz Kulesi IstanbulTurkey have had evolved into destination of vibrant cultures and ethnicities. Since the dawn of its renaissance in early 2000, education was made as major discipline of progress and development, some of Europe’s top universities and institutions are situated in Turkey. In addition to such approach and anticipation, Turkey did not remain one direction focused just into the domain of education, but meticulously observed the variable endurances in politics.

Today’s Turkey have consolidated its position in the list of explicitly recognized and authorizing powers of global politics and top leading stake holder in the corridor of world policy makers. Such credibility and endowment has been entrusted to Turkey for its, persistent endeavor in the establishment of peace, harmony and integrated regionalized world with the help of academic institutes to contribute a share in better understanding of global dynamics of geo-politics and socio-economic patterns and requirements throughout the surface of land to deep waters of seas and oceans.

Turkish universities are profoundly, equipping the aspiring candidates with the enriched knowledge of social studies all along with other relevant social sciences and diversified scopes of educational disciplines. Undergraduate to Masters, leading to scholarly doctorate programs being offered for academics in various universities of Turkey. Predominantly, students merely found with interest to seek professional degree in the social sciences but with the emergence of socio-cultural integration and transition to globalized village by now, enthusiastic multiple groups of students acknowledge the importance of social studies and eager to earn academic degree in this field of social science to learn and explore about cultural diffusion and integration, then, they seen to be adept in assessment and analysis of different cultures and have good understanding about politics and economy of certain states.

Topkapi PalaceIstanbul University is one of such institutes, which, enroll students in courses of European and Mediterranean studies, many of students eagerly pursue academics in these particular regional studies due to their multifarious cultural bound varieties and wholeheartedly agenda of collectivism along with distinguishable heritage and their distinct history. Other than Istanbul University, most of other universities also maintain the list of degree programs in European and Mediterranean studies.

European and Mediterranean states are intact to each other by waters of Mediterranean Sea and connecting it with northward countries of African continent, such junction of three different regions is the firm reason to attract interest of students as well as international students from different regions of the world to join any of the Turkish universities and learn each and everything about dynamics, lifestyle, history, population distribution patterns and cultural variations all at once, of all these European and Mediterranean countries. As Turkish universities are collective population of different cultures and ethnicities belonging to different regions of the globalized world, that why, people of Turkey find it great opportunity to learn about others.

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